A boot that protects from asbestos, and can be decontaminated and re-used! 

Despite the prohibition of asbestos, one can still find many buildings and equipments containing asbestos-covered materials. For this reason, it is imperative to protect the people who carry out the decontamination and dismantling. Not only the people specialised in asbestos removal, but also the maintenance staff and the teams intervening on old installations are particularly exposed to the dangers of asbestos. ETCHE Sécurité boots for asbestos removal have a strong thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance, but are also gas-tight. These security boots are also non-skid on steel and ceramic tile floorings, are easily washable and decontaminatable, they are also quick drying as they have no inner lining. They are tear resistant and have a better adherence on floors than the material over-boots available on the market today. Moreover, they are reusable and thus contributing to the protection of our environment.