Are your boots going white?

This is normal. We incorporate protectors into the rubber that work their way up to the surface of the boot in order to protect it from premature aging which occurs when it is in contact with UV rays and oxygen.
We recommend that you store boots in a dark place without bending them or placing them on top of one another. In this way, they will keep their original colour for longer and their service life will be extended.

Which model of boot is resistant to this chemical?

Standard 13832 guarantees that each model is resistant to a minimum of 3 chemicals. If your product is not listed in the Standard, we can provide you with lists indicating the resistance to numerous chemicals according to the type of rubber used to make each model of boot. However, they do not give an absolute guarantee of resistance, but rather an indication that will have to be refined according to various parameters (exposure level, product temperature, concentration, etc.).

What is a boot's service life?

This mainly depends on the type and frequency of use, but storage and maintenance are also important. The European Directive on individual protection equipment specifies a maximum service life of 10 years from the date of manufacture (indicated in the middle of the sole).