This document is not an official reproduction of the specification; refer to specification EDF HTA 70B

This specification defines the characteristics of safety boots that protect workers from risks of pace voltage when there is a line-to-ground voltage fault during an intervention.

They are used as soon as there is a risk of moisture getting into leather shoes.

Series-production individual tests :

Each boot must undergo the test.

The boot is filled with metal beads up to 10 cm from the top of the upper.

The boot is immersed in water up to 10 cm from the top of the upper.

The high voltage supply source is connected to the metal beads inside the boot.The water in the tank around the boot is connected to the ground.

13, 000V voltage is applied for one minute.

For the entire duration of the test, no perforation or flashover must be observed and the value of the leakage current must remain lower than 7mA.