Technical Specification RTE Serect HTA70B ind.E :  Special boots for live work

Attention, this is not an official reproduction of the specification. It is necessary to refer to the specification in order to obtain accurate and complete information.

This specification defines the characteristics of the safety boots protecting the people, working on the ground, more than one meter from a support, against the risks of step voltage during a phase-to-earth fault during an intervention.

They are used as soon as there is a risk of moisture impregnation for leather shoes.

Mechanical characteristics :

Boots must be class II (all-rubber or all-polymer footwear) and comply with EN ISO 20345.

Boots must also meet the following additional requirements:

- Puncture resistance (P)

- sole with crampons

Dielectric test of the material :

The dielectric strength of the boot shaft should be greater than 10kVeff / mm.

Dielectric test of the boot :

After 4 hours of conditioning in a humid atmosphere.

The boot is filled with water or metal balls up to 10cm from the top of the shaft.

The boot is immersed in water up to 10cm from the top of the shaft.

The high voltage terminal of the power supply is connected to the metal balls inside the boot. The water of the tank, outside the boot is connected to ground.

A voltage of 10,000V is applied for 3 minutes.

During the entire duration of the test, neither perforation nor flashover shall be noted, and the value of the leakage current shall remain less than 7mA.

10kV dielectric test on boots