FD S 74-600 personal protective equipment - Phytosanitary treatment Recommendations for the choice, use, maintenance, storage and elimination of cutaneous protection equipment.

This document is not an official reproduction of the standard; refer to the standards issued by AFNOR www.afnor.fr 

A guide to help choose personal protective equipment for workers who are exposed to phytopharmaceutical products is offered by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries at the following address:  http://agriculture.gouv.fr/IMG/pdf/epi_phytos_230707.pdf 

For respiratory protection, refer to the AFNOR-edited documentation FD S 76-050 dated May 2002.

For the protection of the eyes, body and hands, refer to standard FDS74-600

Foot protection: It is recommended that boots (or mid-boots) made of nitrile rubber be used:

  • with antimycotic and rot-proof lining
  • highly resistant to chemicals in compliance with standard EN 13832-3
  • with perforation-resistant midsole and safety toe-cap, in compliance with standard EN ISO 20345 S5 CR

Use and storage of protection boots

Refer to operating instructions.

Putting-on, taking-off and elimination procedure

Refer to operating instructions.